June 10, 2010

Super Junior M appearing in ‘South Korea Impression’

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Super Junior M appearing in ‘South Korean Impression’

Video HERE and HERE

SJM appearing in Korean Impression, to them, this show has a very special meaning behind.
In the coming episodes, SJM members will bring us to experiences real life in Korea, showing us their favorite hangout places, favorite places to eat, and of course, their situation in Korea, as well as the news of their performances.

Duration: 30 minutes
Broadcasting: Art and Humanity Channel
Time: Weekly (from 15May2010, every Saturday at 21:00-21:30)

Broadcasting: SiTV life and fashion channel, IPTV life and fashion channel(045)
Time: Weekly (from 31May2010, every Monday at 21:00-21:30)

Credits to 百度 sj-m吧

Korean craze: South Korea Impression on air this May

‘South Korea Impression’ is the first mainland travel show that focus on Korea latest news and cultural history. Each show will have 3 to 4 themes, including the latest fashion product in Korea, K-pop idols, special Korean food and dishes as well as the unique cultural manner and attractions. The aim is to show Korean style to everyone through its comprehensive angle of the show.

Duration:30 minutes
Time: Weekly (this May)
Broadcasting: Art and humanity channel

Shared by fampar@sj-world.net
Translated by 3unam@sj-world.net
Posted by: urblacksmile


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