June 10, 2010

100608 4minute ‘afraid of Super Junior Kim Heechul’, gives 90 degree bow

Posted in News at 6:36 am by yourblacksmile-minnie

Super Junior member Kim Heechul’s expressionless sunbae image frightened girl group 4minute.

Recently, 4minute displayed their talents on Kim Heechul’s radio show and took photos to leave as a memory after the show. 4minute’s words were edited into the photo: The first time (we) saw Kim Heechul sunbae, (we) felt really afraid; (we) thought that it was a must for us to bow (to him). Hence Heechul played along with this style and took expressionless pictures, followed by pictures that had a free, easy and approachable style. Lastly, in the group photo with 4minute, the whole of 4minute bowed to Heechul, while Heechul let out a satisfied smile.

Netizens too left comments one after another, paying attention towards their hilarious poses.

Source: TV Daily (chinese)
Translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net


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