June 10, 2010

100607 2PM’s Nichkhun & Super Junior’s Shindong compare face sizes

Posted in News at 6:34 am by yourblacksmile-minnie

2PM member Nickhun and Super Junior Shindong’s ‘battle of the mouth sizes’ picture has triggered off many smiles from the netizens.

2PM’s interesting talk on ShinDong’s MBC radio show has attracted many listeners. However after the radio show, during the phototaking session, Shindong’s head was twice the size of Nichkun’s. They even started to compare the size of their mouths, opening them wide, as if trying to eat each other up, causing many netizens to smile happily.

Netizens left comments like: Shindong’s face is twice as big as Nickhun’s? Oh my! Nickhun who has put up a battle with Shindong looks like he’s going to eat him up; Shindong’s face and mouth are both twice the size of Nickhun’s.

Source: TV Daily (chinese)
Translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net



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