June 6, 2010

articles about Samsung Galaxy S in relation to Super Junior ~

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Korean boyband members very happy with their free Galaxy S Android phones

OK, this is a bit of a silly story, but… the members of the boyband Super Junior have indeed been playing a concert for the benefit of the Singapore launch of the Samsung Galaxy S, and they’ve all been handed a free Galaxy S as a reward. We’ve found the Twitter accounts of two of the band members – ShinsFriendsand MyBlackSmile – and they’re both happily uploading Twitpics of their new phones, sending Korean girls into a Twitter FRENZY. Here’s a photo of a man from a Korean boyband holding a mobile phone. It probably won’t be as exciting for you if you’re an adult western male:

A Twitter search for “Galaxy S” now brings up lots of messages, mostly in CAPITAL LETTERS, from teenage girls in the region who are suddenly very excited about the Galaxy S. Here’s an example. We hope the girls featured don’t mind the slight privacy invasion:

Job well done, regional Samsung PR team.


Samsung Galaxy S launched in Singapore – already sold out

Despite Samsung claiming there was some sort of trans-global, synchronised MEGA-LAUNCH of its new Galaxy S, that hasn’t really happened – although the phone has just gone on sale in Singapore through local network SingTel. But it’s already sold out, according to a tweet from Samsung Singapore , with Singaporean Android fans the latest to suffer from the Android phone world’s inability to actually meet demand for the hot handsets.

The Singapore Galaxy S launch activity included a bizarre tie-up with local band Super Junior, in which fans of the well-preened hunks were only able to watch them perform in a special concert by streaming the performance to the Galaxy S.We’d imagine it sold out for other reasons, though, like being a very lovely Android telephone. Hopefully the Galaxy S will begin to dribble out through European retailers this week.


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