June 5, 2010

[050610] Zhou Mi SINA Update

Posted in Zhoumi at 10:00 am by yourblacksmile-minnie


TRANS: 周觅_SJM:Early in the morning, start work right after make up….. Keep feeling that (my) brain isn’t working well when im memorising things, but recently am really impressed with myself… I was so surprised to find out that there is internet access here during resting-time, you all definately cannot guess where i am. Shaky, shaky, shaky*~~ The photo in my hand will be posted here later, keke, the satisfied/proud work of the stylist noona  The assistant hyung behind, what kind of stare/look is that!!!


T/N: Shaky* = also can be swaying ^^

Credit: Zhou Mi SINA WeiBo
Translated by: urblacksmile
Take out with full credits and do not add your own


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