June 4, 2010

Heechul and Siwon shoot fashion spread !!

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Super Junior member Heechul has unveiled photos from a recent fashion spread that he shot with his bandmate Siwon on his official Twitter site (http://twitter.com/Heedictator/).

The singer posted up three pictures from his fashion shoot for the July issue of Singles magazine on his personal Twitter page yesterday.

For the pic in which the two pop idols are posing for the camera side by side, Heechul wrote, “Fashion spread with Siwon for the first time in a long while. Killer concept since we have completely different images.”

Hundreds of fans have responded to the photo, making various comments such as “You both look so handsome” and “so cool.” Many fans remarked that Heechul looks like he is “imitating L,” a character from the hit Japanese horror flick “Death Note.”

Another photo showed the two singers sitting across the table from each other, in what Heechul described as “the interrogation mode.”

As one of the more versatile members of boy band Super Junior, Heechul has branched out to acting in dramas and appearing on numerous variety shows over the past several years. He recently joined the cast of celebrity variety show “Family Outing Season 2.”

Super Junior is currently promoting their fourth full-length album “BONAMANA” as a ten-man band as members Kang-in, Kibum and Hangeng decided to take a break from group activities.

Source :aisae
Credits : DKPNews



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