June 3, 2010

100602 Hankyung finishes filming for Asian Game Theme Song

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The event that every Asian has been waiting for, the Guangzhou Asian Games will commence on the 12 of November, and being one of the leading partners, Wang Lao Ji has came up with the theme song of this Games, <亚运有我精彩之吉>** as an encouragement to all the participants. This song was composed by celebrity composer 小柯掌舵* and also produced by Taiwan’s most well known MV director, sang by Zhou Bi Chang and Hangeng. This will be 2010 most listened song, from what the EP has shown. As of now, Hangeng has already finished his part of the filming of the MV, and our reporter has recorded Hangeng’s superb singing. Celebrity composer 小柯* has composed the theme song for the Beijing Olympics, and this song not only turned into a hit, it was also a song remembered by many. And because of that, the leading sponsor of the Games, Wang Lao Ji specially requested him to compose the song 《亚运有我精彩之吉》**,and together with the collaboration of Hangeng, this song is guaranteed to be a hit. A representative from Wang Lao Ji has expressed that they believe the song will become yet another leading song.

*: composer’s name
**: title of the theme song for the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Source here
Shared by chunny@sj-world.net
Translated by ミ mholic ★ @sj-world.net
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