June 3, 2010

[030610] Zhou Mi SINA Update

Posted in Zhoumi at 2:47 pm by yourblacksmile-minnie

周觅_SJM:今天去了艺声哥的饭店录节目~真的很好吃~ 在店里看到了久违的叔叔阿姨,人超好好热情~ 顺便帮艺声哥打打广告^^ 大家有空来韩国要去这弘大附近的店哦~밥톨!!欢迎大家光顾!!

TRANS: 周觅_SJM:Today (I) went to Yesung hyung’s restaurant * to record a show~ Really very nice to eat~ And I saw the uncle and auntie that I haven’t seen for a long time in the shop, (the people) are really very friendly~ Meanwhile, help Yesung hyung promote ^^ Everyone, when you have time must come to this shop nearby HongDae~ Baptol!! Welcome everyone to come!!

T/N: * restaurant = babo Zhoumi wrote “饭店” which can be direct translated as “Rice-Shop” >< But yeah, I used restaurant since that is what most fans know it as :)

Credit: Zhou Mi SINA Wei Bo
Trans: urblacksmile
Take out with full credits and do not add your own


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  1. freny said,

    oppa zhoumi!!!!!

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