June 1, 2010

Super Junior Lee Teuk, “When I first saw the 13-year-old SunYe, I thought I had stopped breathing”

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Super Junior Lee Teuk confesses on the special memory he had of WonderGirls SunYe.
Lee Teuk was on SBS Yoo JaeSeok Kim WonHee Come To Play aired on 31st May when he had sent a text message ‘Do you remember oppa?’ to SunYe in the ‘Chamber Room Meeting’ corner on the show. He explained, “I know that SunYe debuted through an audition show. When I was watching that on the TV, I thought that she is going to do well. I was a fan.”
He added, “Back then I was still a trainee. One day, I was hungry and I had went to a fast food restaurant, and there in front of me was the 13-year-old SunYe. The first time I saw her I was so nervous I thought I was going to stop breathing.”

Meanwhile, on the show that day, the guest appearances are Super Junior (HeeChul, Lee Teuk, ShinDong, DongHae, KyuHyun) and WonderGirls.

trans by: KBites



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