June 1, 2010

100531 Sungmin Twitter Update

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SUNGMIN – MAY 31st, 2010
► At Star King..Haha! http://yfrog.com/55c5yj
► I am a person who can’t do anything but work really hard… Among the presents I received today there was a letter that made me really surprised and moved me so much that I couldn’t help but cry… At Heechul hyung’s Youngstreet I was asked how many of our albums out of the 100,000 were sold because of me and I answered 50..
► It’s a photo and letter from a fan that heard that radio show. On it it says.. “Oppa it’s not 50 sales but 50,000!’ Thank you for showing this huge love to me who is so lacking. I’ll do my best to move you deeply 
► Thank you so much…. http://yfrog.com/5zgeggj
► Also other than that to all the fans who were worried about how lacking in energy I’ve been recently and who have stood up for me.. Lately I’ve been feeling like an idiot I’m sorry.. I will return again and constantly try hard! Thank you and I love you~
► A birthday announcement for Sungmin that appeared in the newspaper!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I wonder whose birthday it was announcingㅋㅋ Goyanginim* thank you~http://yfrog.com/5dlllhfj

*Goyanginim = one of the names listed as the writers of the birthday announcement. The announcement says “Happy 25th birthday to Super Junior’s Sungmin who was born on the 1st of January”, followed by the names of the writers, and then “We will always support Super Junior and Sungmin.”

Original Source. @myblacksmile
Translated by jubee at SJ-WORLD.NET
posted by urblacksmile


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