May 30, 2010

Shanghai’s airport hit by Korean Wave while fans wait for stars to arrive

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The Shanghai World Expo music festival would be held on the night of the 30th while Korean stars Super Junior, Kangta, f(x) and Boa make their grand appearances respectively. Many fans have long since started to wait at the airport while security is kept tight and no one dares to let their guard down.

As soon as the Korean stars have landed, the entrance of the airport turns into a scene of chaos. After a few moments of waiting, the first artist to leave, Boa was led away by 5 to 6 guards. Not long after, when Kangta and f(x) started to make their exit, huge crowds of fans rushed up to their idols, surrounding Kangta and f(x). The security took much effort to gather the artistes in the centre as one of the guards shined his torch at the crowds, preventing them from taking pictures.

Lastly when the Super Junior members walk out one after another, the airport turns into a big mess, majority of the Super Junior fans have sealed off the exits points. Although there were multiple security guards, but as compared to the fans, they were still small in numbers. Within moments, the Super Junior members were split up by the crowds, the situation at the airport’s entrance reached a standstill. Out of helplessness, the guards could only resort to force although the fans did not give up, and followed the Super Junior members all the way to the carpark. Only until after all the artistes have left the scene, did the usual peace return to the airport.

Source: Sina
Translation: bulletproof@
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