May 26, 2010

SJ,”We are really sorry to Hankyung”

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Super Junior has revealed their stance about Hankyung who is currently in a lawsuit with the management company SM Entertainment.

Super Junior met with the reporters in Seoul Kangnamgu Ahpgujung on May 20th afternoon and said, “we are really sorry to Hankyung”

Super Junior is working as a group 10 people and not 13 people for the 4th album activity. Kangin who has received the draft notice is planning to voluntarily enter into the army this July. Kibum did not participate in this album to focus on his acting career. Chinese member Hankyung applied to dissolve his contract and is in a lawsuit with the current management company.

Leader Leeteuk said, “Because we spent long time with Hankyung, we forgot that he is “a Chinese” and we did not listen carefully to each other like families who gather together everyday that do not confess their worries to each other.”

Leeteuk said, “we thought it must have been difficult for Hankyung to go that length. If he changes his mind later, we hope he comes back, because there’s a place for him.”

Unlike Hankyung who is not in contact with the members, Kangin and Kibum continue to cheer the members. The members said, “after a performance ends, they text us. They watch our comeback performances at 3 broadcasting companies and criticize us. They would compliment us saying ‘the choreography looks cool.’ Kangin said that the members looked really cool.”

Meanwhlie, Super Junior is becoming popular with their 4th album title song ‘Miinah.’

Source: Newsen
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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