May 26, 2010

Dream Concert 2010 FanAccount

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Although this is not the first time I’m seeing the babies*, but today was my most memorable day.
Actually I didn’t have a ticket, but still went to the world cup stadium.
I was thinking there surely would be scalped tickets. but didn’t find any in the end.
Just before it started, I was lucky to have managed to get the last ticket from the staff there at 5000 won, the original price.
And the seat was at the central.
I was just in time for the press conference, so I took lots of photos from outside.
After entering the venue, I was overwhelmed. Korean ELF are really too strong**.

Back to the main thing, first let’s talk about Heechul.
I totally wasn’t able to concentrate to watch other performances because of him
Because he is the MC, when other artists were performing he was always at the side waiting.This made him so busy.
No matter who was performing, he would move along with the music,especially girl groups.
Especially so when wonder girls was performing.
Heechul is also very sweet. Actually there were quite a number of Cassies*** present and they kept shouting DBSk’s members’ names.
Heechul then mentioned Cassies and DBSK not just once, when other artists were preparing.
It was really heart warming and Cassies were really touched and started shouting ” Kim Heechul “.
The whole concert was really high, but since I’m an ELF, I shall talk about our 13 members who performed the last.
I was actually quite behind, but when our babies came out, a few guys in front left their seat.
Hence, I quickly took the seat that was more upfront.
Although it was not really that in front, but I was already very contented, because I could see our babies’ faces clearly.
And just like this, I took the fancam of Miinah busily.
Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to film the ment part.
When they introduced themselves one by one, Teuk not only introduced himself but also said ” I am Hangeng, I am Kangin, I am Kibum.”.
Although it seems to be a joke, but it was really heart warming for ELF.
After that, they sang sorry sorry too and I had already rushed to the front by then.
Donghae was right in front of me,don’t tell me he knows I’m there?, he was near my spot throughout the performance.
I used a voice that was beyond my age and shouted his name.
It has been 1½ years since I last saw him, I nearly teared up looking at him.
Lastly, everyone came on stage and sang “Victory, Korea”.
Babies were really sweet, they kept waving to ELF that were further away.
Just then, Minho walked up to Donghae’s side and whispered something to him, Donghae pointed to ELF that were further away and gave them a thumbs up.
Although not many ELF were able to see this moment, but I was lucky to be able to see it and know their feelings.
They kept standing there and waving in front of the stage till the end.
They were also the last to leave, just to be able to see ELF longer and to let ELF see them longer.
I want to say, I am contented.
Under the circumstance of not having a ticket, I didn’t expect myself to be able to be there to support them.
Cheers for Super Junior were present throughout Dream Concert.
I would like to thank the SBS staff too. Because they constantly showed the beautiful pearl sapphire blue sea.
They kept filming it and gave it lots of close-ups. Although the actual broadcast may not contain a lot of it, but at least it was the best gift for ELF who were present.
Pearl sapphire blue sea’s cheers were the most overwhelming.
Would also like to thank ELF who were seated so far away, and could barely see them on stage.
Because of you, we were able to give the babies the most unique and beautiful pearl sapphire blue sea.
It was a worthwhile trip today, although I’m already 24, but I will continue to walk down with them like this.
I am one of the older batch of ELF who saw them through all thick and thins as well as happy and sad times since their debut.
Teuk said he wishes to guard the name Super Junior forever, I would like to say, I will also guard the name ELF forever.

* referring to Super Junior
** as in the fan cheers, banner supports and the SJ=SJ formation they did etc.
*** Cassiopeia, DBSK’s fan club

Fan account by 臭雯子wendy @ Super Junior吧
Translated by cleaver487 @
take out with full credits and do not add your own

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