May 26, 2010

100525 Zhou Mi UFO Replies .. (he’s so awesome.. ILH!)

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Fan: ZhouMi gege, I’ve turned 24 today, feeling very upset while sending this UFO…I had thesis defence on the day of your cf shooting, there was no choice but for me to leave, god knows how much I wish to see you, or I would not have to be treated like this…
ZhouMi: It’s been a long time since I went to Shanghai, thesis defence is very important, (you) must persevere! (I) will cheer for you~

Fan: My dear ZhouMi, have you had your meal? What have you been busy with? (Do you) miss me? I miss you a lot. ^^ Hoho, my dear~ give me a kiss…  By TingFeng
ZhouMi: Hello~ Ting Feng, keke

Fan: Good morning ZhouMiMi~ I slept and woke up naturally..finally know what it’s like to have the sun beating on me the moment I open my eyes ^_^~ I’m also having barbeque meat later~Hahaha (my) happy life starts from 11 onwards~(ノ^O^)ノ(I) wish you happiness~❤❤❤
ZhouMi: kekeke, you ……. you~~~

Fan: Zhoumi gege I miss you so much! What are you up to right now? Have you been to the Expo 2010? I really want to go! But I’m about to have my exams! Sigh…wait till I graduate, we’ll go together!
ZhouMi: I really want to go to the Expo too~~Aiya*~

*Something like ‘Oh no’

Fan: Darling Mi, (you) must have been busy recently, do take good care of yourself, don’t fall sick again, is that understand? No matter how long it take, Honeys would wait, we’ll accompany you down this path, loving you (always).
ZhouMi: JiaJia**~~ Thank you~ I’ve been really fit recently haha~

**Fan’s name.

Source: UFO Town
Thank you chunny for the heads up.
Translation: bulletproof@
Reupload & Posted by: urblacksmile


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