May 26, 2010

100524 Fanmeeting: SJ talking about UNICEF donation!

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During the part when they were showing their personal possessions (Cf. the report from the 1pm fanmeeting)
Donghae’s object was a picture of ELF at super show2. So he said again (he says it al the time) that he wants to marry ELF.

Jungsoo: “Why do you want to Marry ELF?”
Donghae: “Because they are beautiful”
Jungsoo: “And?”
Donghae: “Because they came to Dream concert”
Jungsoo: “And?”
Donghae: “Because they gave us golden discs”
Jungsoo: “And?”
Donghae: “Because they donated to UNICEF”

Then the discussion went on…

(none of the other boys seemed surprised at those words so it seem like they all know ^^)

Credits to 정수예린 and Alice @
Take out with full and proper credits

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