May 24, 2010

SJ Fanmeet – Kangin

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Youngwoon appeared in the middle of the fanmeet, during Marry You. Then he left again, and the whole crowd started screaming for him. He appeared again, seemed a little embarrassed, and he is already changed into a sports attire.

Everyone started crying non-stop. All the boys also cried. Heechul was crying very badly and refused to come out, he was being pulled out by someone.

Then Kangin started talking, saying to wait for him, and he is very touched. Then they started playing the video of the previous fan-meeting. Leeteuk says “How many of you were present last time”, someone raised the hand and Ryeowook asked “You came last time?” She said “Yes”

From: 换爱妖 and 洛希卡_貓 @ baidu
Translated by: minoko2440 @
Take out with full credits and do not add your own

Kangin appeared from the rising platform during Marry You, and Leeteuk was crying non-stop.

Kangin told everyone to wait for him for 2 years. and apologises. He even kneel down and did a formal bow to the fans.

After Marry You, its the dance segment, Leeteuk wasn’t focusing already. He keep dancing the whole thing incorrectly.

After dance, it seemed to be Sorry Sorry, Heechul kept a straight face… After Sorry Sorry, Heechul disappeared and wasn’t on stage.

In the end when they were standing in a row, Leeteuk told Eunhyuk: “I still have KangTeuk!” Then someone said to look for Heechul. Leeteuk then realised Heechul wasn’t on stage. The fans keep shouting “Kim Youngwoon! Kim Youngwoon!”, then Leeteuk called out Youngwoon’s name asking him to come out. In the end, Youngwoon and Heechul came out. When Kangin was walking down, he stopped beside Leeteuk and Leeteuk hooked his arms saying “We are Kangteuk, Kangteuk”, he repeated it many times. Kangin says “Yes, Kangteuk”, then said something.. hyung…

Credit: 强特私人公寓
Translated by: minoko2440 @

Take out with full credits and do not add your own

Kangin: “I’m sorry and I’ll be back healthy and well.. 13 of us will be on stage in 2 years so please wait without having an affair”

Credit: sj-market
Translated by Chrissy @
Take out with full credits and do not add your own


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