May 22, 2010

KBS2 Music Bank – BONAMANA Performance Filming.. FanAccount!

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One Russian girl is in Seoul right now and she attended Music Bank filming yesterday. I thought that her fan account is definitely worth translating and sharing here, so please enjoy mhm.gif – Neoki Yuka @

May 21, 2010. 12.00 AM. KBS.

Queue became more lively, Sapphire Blue balloons were given to everyone. Finally we were taken inside, my hands were shaking from expectations ^^’
When we entered the studio, boys already were inside. Leeteuk had a microphone in his hands and talked happily, waiting for everyone to take their seats and for other boys to gather on stage.

Everyone is ready, traditional greetings:
– We’re Super Junior!
– We’re E.L.F.!

Boys froze on stage, music began to play. Studio was overwhelmed with emotions!
They performed only BONAMANA, but! It was shot 2,5 times (because there was a problem with music once).

They sang. They danced. Crowd was singing along and going crazy waving the blue balloons.
First recording ended too fast. My eyes were unfocused all the time and the thoughts formed into one big ball 

They worked hard, they did their best. Their energy was like waves washing the studio.
Song ended, got ready for the second time. There’s no Sungmin. Where? Not ready yet. And Leader’s voice hurrying him:
– Sungmin~ah…^^’

But it’s not worked out. Music stalled. They had to start from the very beginning. Kyuhyun, while coming to his place, did a sliding move (2:47 in the song), the whole studio hold their breaths at this moment.

This time I managed to see more details, take a better look at each of the boys. I will talk a little about all of them.

Siwon pleasantly surprised us by coming to the recording even though he underwent operation recently. His tall figure was in the center.

Heechul has crazy ponytail and his favorite glasses on and was too good to add anything.

Eunhyuk was without his favorite cap (it’s like he was bare). He also has something like skirt on. He was dancing in the centre in his bright white t-shirt and I hold a breath looking at him. I thing I forgot how to breath for all 15 minutes of recording.

Donghae…became more mature. His moves gave a masculine vibe (crowd drowned in his energy). And his voice during the break…

I fell in love with Sungmin’s bangs. He’s so appealing.

Yesung. I don’t know why, but my mind refused to accept him. But when I thought things like “Where’s Yesung?” – he immediately appeared right in the center. “I’m here!” – and everyone was impressed by his looks.

Ryeowook…small seducer. I can’t add anything.

Kyuhyun…Seems like I told earlier that he suits right to be in the first row. Confident pose and strong voice. Ммм… And now he knows how to be startling.

Today I almost hadn’t time to look at Shindong. It’s strange, I even had to search for him purposefully. He’s so flexible!

And…Leader. Amazing. When you look at him live, you understand that he’s really the Leader. And when in choreography he and Heechul stood together, I realized – this is the base of the whole group. But Leader was also teasing us… when they ended performing he came sooo close to the camera that only lower part of his face was visible and smiled widely. Then he backed up a little, moved his eyebrows and blinked cutely. At this moment I finally died. 

I can’t not to mention the sound. To hear Super Junior live is a pure pleasure! Ммм… 
By the way, second version was shown on tv.


Immediately after the shooting we were asked to quickly leave the studio. Someone almost cried, someone smiled holding blue balloon close to the chest, someone was shining…because she SAW.
Slowly everyone came under the baking sun and went opposite ways.

P.S. Boys, congratulations for your first win! 

English translation and sharing by Nekoi
Please take out only with full credits!

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