May 19, 2010

IMPORTANT posts taken from the 14th & 15th

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Yesterday (100514) & today (100515) have been SO HECTIC.. OMO.. (now I’m thinking of SJ how must they feel?) anyways.. I created this POST to make it easier for you to access posts INSTEAD of going back like 10 pages.. you can easily find what your looking for.. In total… there.. is around 84 Links.. so 84 posts were made.. xD
also to THOSE who comment & ask questions on posts, I’m SORRY for not being able to reply often, I’m still studying in Uni & it’s now the time for exams & assignments.. don’t WORRY, ha I’ll reply more often when I am done.. p.s. DON’T FORGET the competition ENDS on 20th May, e-mail me at with your ENTRY

also FURTHER INFO HERE: (For those who don’t know what I am talking about)

4th Jib COMPETITION Enter NOW !! =]

NEWS (Articles)

Superband & Super Junior-M’s Nominations Stir Controversy

100515 ShinDong, reason for public proposal? “Because I like her”

100514 Beating Show Lo, Rain Hankyung crowned as ‘Asia dancing king

100514 Leeteuk & Heechul on Shindong’s Confession

100514 Super Junior’s “Bonamana” comeback, choreography concept is “figure skate”

100514 Super Junior “Comeback with 10 members” : “Determine to be successful for the 3 members”

SM Entertainment records biggest Q1 profit in 2010

The Hottest Man in Asia???

Bonamana #1 on Hanteo Chart, Realtime Chart + Daytime Chart!

World Asia – Hottest 30 Top Ranked Artists….

100514 ‘Dating’ Super Junior Shindong, Publicly Proposing Through Thanks to, “Girlfriend Nari is who?”

Accidents in broadcasts? No worries… Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has taken over the Radio

Super Junior, Davichi, Lee Jung Hyun – Music Core Comeback Stages

Eunhyuk wrote the choreo for Boom Boom!, Info @ Inkigayo Comeback Stage

Twitter, UFO  Updates

Leeteuk Twitter Update (100514) whaa SEKSHIII =]

100515 Heechul Twitter Update

100514 Heechul Twitter Update

100515 Shindong Twitter Update

100515 Leeteuk Twitter Update

100514 Donghae’s Twitter Update

100514 Donghae Twitter Update

100514 Super Junior is taking over trends

Super Junior promotional message on UFO Town

100514 Super Junior’s Heechul is addicted to Twitter

100514 Heechul Update Twitpic W/ Donghae & Sulli ~

Defconn1 Promotes 4Jib…

100514 Sungmin Twitter Update ~

100515 Leeteuk Twitter Update (maybe he’s chasing the black smoke from LOST? lol)

100515 KUNG FU CHOI.. (Siwon twitter Update LOL)

100515 Twitter Trending Topics…

Updated ! 100515 Heechul Twitter Update

100515 Shindong Twitter Update

100515 Leeteuk Twitter Update

100515 Donghae Twitter Update ~

One Way’s Peter mentioned Sungmin

100514 Yesung 2 Cyworld Photo entries

100515 Siwon and Donghae w/ Jaeson Ma

the COME13ACK (Videos)

KBS2 Music Bank Performance (Rehearsal) BONAMANA (taken on 100514)

‘It Has To Be You’ won#6 on KBS Music Bank

Super Junior @ Music Bank Comeback Stage (taken on 100514)

Updated!!! 100514 KBS2 Music Bank 4th Jib Comeback Stage Watch & DOWNLOAD!

100515 MBC Music Core – Rehersal, KYUHYUN BIAS !

100515 MBC Music Core Comeback & Boom Boom + BONAMANA

the COME13ACK (Pictures)

100515 Super Junior @ KBS Yeollim Eumakhwe

4th Jib Photocards: Eunhyuk, Donghae, Leeteuk, Shindong and Siwon

Bonamana Heechul Photocard – Heechul

Donghae’s Thanks To his Father from 4th Jib

Yesung’s Thanks To from 4th Jib

Bonamana Yesung Photocard

Yesung tying shoelace while dancing? O_O

100515 MBC Music Core Comeback GIFs ~

the COME13ACK (thanks to)

Donghae’s Thanks to from 4th Jib [cont.]

Sungmin’s Thanks to from 4th Jib

Siwon’s Thanks to from 4th Jib

Ryeowook’s Thanks to from 4th Jib

Eunhyuk’s Thanks to from 4th Jib

Heechul’s Thanks to

Leeteuk’s Thanks to…

RANDOM Posts ~

Nate Search, Super Junior Music Bank (#3) and Shindong’s girlfriend (#1)

Brief explanation on ‘Yesung vs Siwon’ KBS MuBank SJ comeback VCR

UFO Replies, Sungmin, Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Yesung

미인아 (BONAMANA) Official Fanchant

100514 Official SPAO Pictures

100514 OFFICIAL Strong Heart Update w/ Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk

Siwon’s Baidu Bar’s Gift for Ending of Oh! My Lady

Pre-debut, Kyuhyun ChinChin Song Festival (I’ve never seen this! xD ..)

100515 SBS Star King Ep. 164 Eunhyuk & Leeteuk ~

Shall We Wine – SPLASH Update

Kyuhyun at the KBS Building Lobby (taken on 100514)

100515 Hong Gildong encore promotional picture…

Sung MinWoo a GOOD Father ~ =]

Radio SHOW Updates ~

100515 OFFICIAL Heechul at Youngstreet Studio

100515 OFFICIAL Youngstreet Update

100514 Sukira w/ Suju Fan Pictures [IMAGE HEAVY]

100514 Kiss the Radio GIFs w/ Suju~

100514 Sukira Caps w/ Super Junior ~ IMAGE HEAVY

100515 Youngstreet with DJ Heechul Caps

100514 OFFICIAL Shimshimtapa Update

100514 SUKIRA Update w/ EunTeuk

Sukira Fan Pictures (from JSholic) (taken on 100514)

100516 – Sukira Update with Super Junior

WITHIN.. 42minutes of Choi Siwons Tweet Pic Update, Kung-fu Choi is Trending ! No.2

If you haven’t seen this where have you been? Donghae gives a kiss to ELFs!!

SUKIRA Transcript, aka KTR SEGMENTS 100430 – 100506

Heechul’s 希 bag, on Youngstreet (Very random??)

Sukira Recording – Leeteuk…. So.. handsome..

100515 ShimShimtapa w/ Shindong ~

SUKIRA Recording.. ALL CUTs.. =] (taken on 100514)



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