May 17, 2010

Brief explanation on ‘Yesung vs Siwon’ KBS MuBank SJ comeback VCR

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At first, Yesung said: “To (us) Super Junior, Siwon is the “Center”. That’s why they showed the cut of Bonamana dance practice with Siwon in the middle. And as for Siwon, he regarded Yesung as: “Eagle-eyed”. Thus a cap popped up with “Soft charisma eagle-eyed Yesung”. Yesung’s message to Siwon: “To Siwon, his feature that kills is his “Chocolate abs”. And you can hear and see Eunhyuk saying “chocolate”. To Siwon, however, Yesung is “A burden that he cannot refuse”. And lo, bb Cloud took the advantage to touch Siwon’s philtrum. And lastly, Yesung said “If our bodies could switch, I would act in a drama because I would be able to do kissing scenes”. Shindong prepared himself to kiss Yesung then, but Donghae stopped him.

You can watch it here

Trans by zee@YesungMelody | shared by LaCrymaMosa
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