May 16, 2010

Sungmin’s Thanks to from 4th Jib

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Firstly, thank Lord
And Teacher Lee Sooman that has been leading us, thank you, will buy red wine for you.
Kim Youngmin and Jung Minhwan that has been worry for us, And Youngjoon hyung that has been so tiring, thanks!
And Binjoong hyung that has been always helping us to prepare, Thanks!

And also the handsome Seunghwan hyung~ and Daebin hyung that seemed to have a lover already~ Envy~ need to keep continue~!
Sooyoung hyung that has been married, Minsung hyung, ah, more envious~!
And the Cheunmin hyung that has been so busy lately, Binchul hyung, have you seen our 4th album being daebak?! And forever ours, KONG noona! Will introduce you a boyfriend this year ~ So exercise… PLEASE! ke
And also Devin, who has been working so hard chereographing the dance, thanks~
And to everyone that has been very tired and working very hard for our 4th album, Thanks so much!
Thanks Max Gym, I will go back!
Our leader jongShi hyung~ Thanks to you the changes is really great!!! keke, in the future also, need your help~
My parents that has been loving me, and Sungjing that has went to the army, I love you all~!
Lastly, the ELF that has been with us no matter when! Really very grateful to the wait and excitement to 4th album, I love you all!

Credit: 百度李晟敏吧
Chinese translation: 静
English translation: minoko2440 @
Take out with full credits and do not add your own
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