May 13, 2010

[130510] Sungmin’s Tweet about a fan

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@maylee526 그 동생분께 전해주세요~응원해주시곺사랑해주셔섶너무 감사하고 앞으로도 빨리 건강해지셔서 노려하고 발전하는 성민이의 모습을 지켜봐달라고..이 글이 잘 전달이 될지 모르겠어요 하지만 마음만이라도 너무 감사하다고만 이라도 전달되면 좋겠어요

@maylee526 Please tell that little sister~ Am really grateful of her being supportive of me, and her love towards me. Need to get well soon and continue seeing how Sungmin has been working hard… Not too sure if she can see this but my heart is really very grateful to her. Just hope that she can see this.

Chinese translation: 静
Take out with full credits

This is about a Taiwanese fan called 恋敏一生
She was Sungmin’s biggest fan, very devoted to him and was very supportive of him. And she is very well-known in Sungmin’s baidu bar. Most of my pic spam of Sungmin came from her…
She passed away today (age 22). She had a car accident and I heard it is very serious, and she did not survived the operation.
Here are her post @ baidu of Sungmin. most of you will find it familar.
May she rest in peace…

┣SuJr13┫100507★图图★我的摇滚吉它手 (Our Rocker Guitarist)

(Sungmin Pretty! Our support will always continue~~)

(Cute Sungmin during HAPPY time)

(Wanting your crazy dance)

(A bunch of crazy Sungmin)

(Cute Puffy Sungmin)

(Ultimate warrior Lee Sungmin)

(Lee Sungmin~ I want you to be happy forever)

(Lee Sungmin~ You are the most beautiful miracle in the world)

(Lee Sungmin’s Model career)

(Believe it or not I)



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